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They have even dared to denigrate the Mexican people saying that Mexican products are of low quality when they themselves have made their production of instruments in Mexico over the past 10 years.

We have evidence to prove what we are stating, and once again, we do not condone denigration or racism in any form to our Mexican heritage. Simply, why would great companies like Toyota, Samsung, Costco, Intel, LG and more make their production in Mexico?

The Care C11 software was designed by Mexican engineers in the year 2011 and was registered on October 4th of 2011 on The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property with registry number 03-2011-092112392000-01.

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CARE C11 Software

With this combination, you have the best of both worlds! Manual equipment and a computerized equipment, all in one! You may use all the features that the MK12 provides, plus you may take advantage of al the following advantages of the CARE system:

(CARE) computer software and hardware will allow you to utilize the software especially developed to do a quick and effective analysis, broadcast, make electronic homeopathy and manufacture all types of remedies.

This computerized program must be connected to your MK/12P/MA instrument and your Windows PC with XP, VISTA, or even WINDOWS 10.

Our computerized system is easy to work with, therefore any therapist with the basic knowledge of computers is able to use this program with ease.

The patient information data base and rates are stored in the program and are available for viewing on your computer screen.

When scanning the sample of the patient the system obtains automatically the Personal General Rate (PGR).

With the CARE program you have the capability of broadcasting any frequency or therapy to any patient worldwide.

And not only to one patient! You may broadcast to all the patients you need in different schedules.

The frequencies data base is distributed in categories, also you can create your own categories and subcategories without limit. You can add more new frequencies rates to any categories subcategory.

Also a search engine is available to find any rate quickly. You are able to store an unlimited number of remedies and formulas with the name and order that you wish.

You can add any potency to remedies, complex remedies, formulas, analysis etc. from X, C, M, LM, to MM and from 1 to 999,999.

This software is capable of providing the similimum from the witness sample and stores it to be available for therapies or remedies. Thousands of frequencies are available within this system for its immediate use, like: NEW Color Therapy, Body Systems Therapy and imprint of inverted codes!

  1. Homeopathic remedies
  2. Flowers of Bach
  3. Flowers of California
  4. Virus
  5. Bacteria
  6. Fungi
  7. Diseases
  8. Pathologies
  9. Human anatomy
  10. Organs
  11. Aura
  12. Chakras

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