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Positron 12 dials

It is ideal for performing biophysical tests, measuring the variation between the current state of the patient and the healthy state, and so allows us to observe any energy imbalance predicting the possible diseases that could affect our patient. MAKE R, COPY, DIAG, B/C, LEVELS, INTENSITY, MEMORIES, STICK PAD SENSOR & HOMEOPATHIC POTENCIES.

Positron instrument Machine

This type of analysis permits us to prevent effectively any pathological change before there is any physical manifestation, which then in turn lets us administer energy treatments before the disease manifests itself and before it can take a toll on the patient’s system.

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This Copying mechanism easily stores in the temp-memory of the Positron a remedy/objects’ energetic signature.


This lets you prepare the rates that you may have activated in the Memories of the positron (with or without potency) to be sent to the spiral coil area; also works in the Copy function.


The Intensity dial allows you to test the current state of any imbalance or disease. This dial is for testing acuteness or null of presence during a diagnosis.


The New Stick-Pad Sensor Plate integrates biofield-sensing technology so that while the practitioner gently starts sensing over the plate the led indicator becomes active, and when the “stick” phenomenon occurs the light indicator shines firmly, indicating resonance.


Distance treatment permits you to do single broadcasting, from the dials themselves, and from the memories too (using complex remedies), to balance any patient around the world.


Following the techniques, research and philosophy of the world known and respected Dr. Bruce Copen, 12 Levels are included, from physical, mental, emotional to spiritual and cosmic by rotating the turning of this dial during a diagnosis or preparing a remedy, you can change or adjust the level of matter subtlety and apply it as needed.


Positron 12 dials is a homoeopathic remedy simulator which can make simple and complex homoeopathic remedies from base 10 rates provided with the instrument, using lactose pills or alcohol/water dilutions. It includes 11 preset potency values for classic electronic homeopathy remedy production, which are 6C, 12C, 30C, 100C, 200C, M, 10M, 50M, CM, MM, and 10M.